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Monday, March 16, 2015

..::16 Mac 2015::..


Shout out birthday for the most wonderful person on this wonderful date!

I was trying to wrap all my love for u but a large box doesn't fit enough for me to fill it in (",)

dear, you get more perfect as the years pass by, Even though it is your birthday i feel like i am the one who got the gift. you may get the presents but i get your presence (",)

Happy birthday my dear husband Mohd Mirzal. .. be as good as i know u.

Moga diberikan kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat. Moga rahmat Allah sentiasa bersama kita sekeluarga.

*wish kena panjang pasal sibuk kesah kan kael yg tak sihat sampai lupa birthday laki den
muahahaha. ampuunnnn!

"Modern Solution to Modern Problem"

Pengedar Shaklee Sg.Buloh [LINK]

1 comment:

suezen said...

happy birthday to ur husband!!!.....make it special day..hehe

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