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Sunday, May 8, 2011

..::Mother's Day::..

nak on laptop malas. So update thru fon aje. Now, i'm watching In The Womb. Perrgh, ape mimpi ntah wa layan national geographic kan. its a great story to watch on this mother's day.

So,how was your weekend? I'm having a very boring weekend. yesterday we went to kuantan,my nephew's wedding. When he got a kid is dat mean i will become a nenek?? Noooo...!! Today i'm sleeping all day long.. Manis kan buat perangai mcm tu?? Hahaha. Takla, today i rewarding myself by creating my Veil. Oh, sangat suke! Almost done :)

by the way,
selamat hari mak : utk mak & future mak in-law kat seremban :)
Selamat hari ibu : utk my sis ayu and also my future sis- in law, muaishah kat lumut
Selamat hari mama : utk my sis maria yg sedang berpantang.

may Allah bless all of u and stay happy with lovely family
Happy mother day!! Love u all sooooo much!! Mmuuahhh!


anaztasias nora aira said...

selamat hri ibu heehheeh moga kita juga kan jadi ibu yang solehah nanti :)

~ NANA ~ said...

nk jadi ibu jugak....ngeee~

Wawa Yusoff said...

nora : Komen kamu sangat LIKE..! egege :)

cik.nana : insyaallah..amin.. hehe :)

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