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Thursday, December 16, 2010

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100 truth about ME :)
Tag from cik Firdani..

Real name : Intan Baizura M.Y 
Nickname : Wawa/Intan
Zodiac sign: Aquarius (berjiwe air la kononnnn...)
Male or female : Female
Elementary school : SRK Kuang
Highschool : SMK Bukit Gading
College : Poly Sultan Azlan Shah
Hair colour : Black
Tall or short : (kejam nye soalan ni...) ermn, short. 
Sweat or jeans : Jeans
Phone or Camera : Phone
Health freak : Maybe
Orange or apple : Apple
Do you have a crush on someone? : Definitely MAYBE.. hehehe 
Eat or drink : Drink
Piercings : Yes, a long time ago (pastu telinga alegy terus x pakai dah)
Pepsi or coke : Vanilla Coke 

Been in an airplane : Yes
Been in relationship : Yes
Been in a car accident : No (mintak jauh) 
Been a fist fight : Tak dapat dipastikan.. haha

First household chores : Tak dapat nak ingat 
First best friend : Dont Have (sume pun BEST)
First award : Ape ek..?? Pernah dapat ke...?? kekeke
First crush : High School... kot :p
First word : Ntah
First section : What?
Last person you talked to in person : Mak sayang :)
Last person you texted : Lovely Mr.Fiance :)
Last person tou watched a movie with : Mirzal
Last food you ate : Mamak Fried rice
Last movie you watched : Ngangkung (pecah2 perut) 
Last song you listen to : The Chosen One - Maher Zain
Last thing you bought : Shawl and Inner Syiria
Last person you hugged : Koneng (si kucing Tua)

Food : Western Type 
Drink : Limau Suam,Teh O suam, Milo Suam 
Bottoms : black Palazo
Flower : I'm not flowerly type of person
Animal : Cat
Colour : Pink, black, dark brown, blue
Movie : Kelakar yang boleh buat org ketawa terbahak-bahak 
Subject : haaaa.....???? yang pasti bila subject sejarah mesti tido :)

(Put an X in the bracket if yes)
[X] falling in love with someone.
[] celebrate Halloween
[X] had your heart broken
[] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone
[] had someone question my sexual orientation
[] got pregnant
[] had an abortion
[X] did something i regret
[X] broke a promise
[X] hide a secret
[] pretend to be happy
[X] met someone who changed your life
[] pretend to be sick
[] left the country
[X] try something you normally wouldn'ttry and liked it
[X] cried over the silliest thing
[X] ran a mile
[X] when to the beach with your bestfriend
[X] got into an argument with your friend
[X] hated someone
[] stayed single for a whole year

Eating : Nope
Drinking : Plain water
Listening to : Para Pencari Mu ~ Ungu 
Sitiing or laying : Sitting
Plan for today : I did this at 10.26 pm and the aswer is SLEEP 
Waiting : to talk to mirzal before i'm going to bed

Want kids ? : Definitely YES 
Want to get married : Of Course laaaa.... :)
Career : alhamdulillah, bersyukur dengan kerja sekarang. tapi mestila nak improve lagi...

Lips or eyes : Eyes
Shorter or taller : Taller
Romantic or spontaneous : Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms : Both
Hook -up or relationship : Engaged to Mohd Mirzal :) 
Looks or personality : Personality (kalau dapat dua2 lagi best..hehe)

Lost glasses/contacts : Yes
Snuck out of a house : Never
Held a gun/knife for self defense : I'm not Samseng laa... :p
Killed somebody : I Wish.... haha
Broken somebody heart : Maybe
Been in love : Yes
Cried when someoned died : Mestila. nak kena tampar ke kalau ketawa..??

Yourself : Absolutely
Miracles : Yup, Allah maha Kuasa 
Love at first sight : NO
Heaven : Yes
Santa claus : NO and Never
Superstition : No
Kiss on the first date : NO

Is there one person you want to be with right now ? YES
Do you know who your real friends are ? YES
Do you believe in God ? YES
Post as 100 truths ? YESSSS

ok, saya sudah pengsan + Mabuk laut jawab tag ni dan saya mahu mereka juga mabuk laut seperti saya :-



Firdani said...

bengkak mate bace entry ni..:P
nasib tak lebam..hehe

kAseh Mir'Ha said...

bapak giler byk...k0 mmg sngaje. huh~

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