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Friday, November 19, 2010


after so much entry, no i'm back on track as a b2b. daa =)

the conflict about our wedding theme is completely done. at first I decided to use silver + black as our solemnization dress and the hantaran will be black & white. after a few discussion and critical thinking, so we're decided to use Peach for our solemnization and silver for our bersanding day. 

Those color was picked by mirzal and i'm agreed. since the black one was rejected by bapak. Grrrr..!!! so, no more black & white hantaran and no more angan2 nak pakai hitam... the hantaran will be in Peach + Pink.

 nice color..fall in love with the top one. 

the wedding on my side will be at sg.buloh. di teratak family tercinta (",)
as silver is chosen for our dress so i'm wondering what color should my family wear...??
hurrmmnn.... will discuss it later.

as we're discussed with mirzal's side, there will be majlis bertandang at seremban. the location was still undecided yet. since his mother told me they still cant tell the reception will be at dewan or house.

Mirzal is blue lover. so he told me to have blue as a wedding theme on his side. I dont have any objection. so, i did some blogwalking, webwalking to search about the blue wedding theme.

both theme are nice.. the finale decision will be made by him and his family. 
i dont mind. i pakai je nnt :)


me_220784 said...

silver+hitam mmg chumell. nanti kalau ko jemput akulahkan. ahaks! aku pakai hitam yer. :)

me_220784 said...

ade comment tertinggal lagi. heh!

seriuslah blah cik abg ko aku suka, biru is also my fav colour. cantik dowh!! biru tu matching ngan kuninglah. grandlah majlis ko niekanx3. im happy penghuluwati nak nikah dah! :)

Anonymous said...

ngeh3...mcm3 la ko ni rozi.. mesti la aku jemput. both side aku jemput ko tau x. yup, on my side ko dtg pakai kaler hitam :)

me_220784 said...

hehehehe. wa, background blog ko aku suka yg b4 nielah. cantik! kita serupa warna ungu dhaa. insyaallh, ko jmput aku dtg, x jmput pun dtg gak. wakakakaka!

anaztasias aira said...

salam b2b !!!

ElyaElmo said...

peach pink cantik tauu!!! :)

miey anna said...

peach pink very nice dear..hehe,i choose it for my e-day =))

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